Critical Care Nephrology

pp 1383-1389

Rationale for intermittent renal replacement therapy (IRRT) in acute renal failure (ARF)

  • Bernard Canaud
  • , Hélène Leray-Moragues
  • , Laurie Garred
  • , Martine Leblanc
  • , Charles Mion

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Choosing a treatment modality for an acute renal failure (ARF) patient is always a challenging problem for the physician [1]. The principal objective is to provide an adequate or even an optimal treatment without adversely affecting patient outcome, while not further compromising renal functional recovery [2, 3]. One has to match the dialysis dose to the particular patient needs while providing adequate protein and caloric intake. One must also try to prevent further hemodynamic compromise and consequently additional renal injury [2, 3, 4].