Socio-Cultural Perspectives on Science Education

Volume 4 of the series Science & Technology Education Library pp 139-161

A Cultural History of Science Education in Japan: an Epic Description

  • Masakata Ogawa

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Most research so for on science education in cultural contexts has been about negative effects of traditional culture on learners in non-western countries or on ethnic minority groups in western countries with respect to their learning science (see Wilson, 1981). Recent efforts on cultural studies in science education research have developed a new trend in which science itself is regarded as a kind of culture, for example, “science as culture” Horton, 1967; Elkana, 1971 & 1981), “science as a worldview” (Cobern, 1991), “multicultural science education” (Hodson, 1993), “science as a culture of the scientific community” (Ogawa, 1995a), and “science education in a multiscience perspective” (Ogawa, 1995b).