Automated Reasoning

Volume 1 of the series Automated Reasoning Series pp 181-209

Reasoning in Paraconsistent Logics

  • James J. LuAffiliated withNorthwestern University
  • , Lawrence J. HenschenAffiliated withNorthwestern University
  • , V. S. SubrahmanianAffiliated withUniversity of Maryland
  • , Newton C. A. da CostaAffiliated withUniversity of Sao Paulo

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Databases and knowledge bases could be inconsistent in many ways. For example, if a programmer is constructing an expert system ES relating to a domain D,he does so by consulting several experts (say n in number) in the field D. From each expert d i , 1 ≤ in, he obtains some information, and this may be represented in logic as a collection of sentences, ES i , for 1 ≤ in. The simplest way of combining the resulting knowledge is to set
$$ ES = \bigcup\limits_{i = 1}^n {ES_i .} $$