Some ‘anti-arthritic’ properties of an oversulphated glycosaminoglycan in degenerative joint disease

  • G. Verbruggen
  • E. M. Veys
  • F. P. Luyten
  • S. Suykens
Part of the Inflammation: Mechanisms and Treatment book series (FTIN, volume 4)


Normal human joints contain only a few milligrams of hyaluronate whereas in degenerative or in inflammatory conditions these joints may contain several hundreds of milligrams of this polysaccharide. The increase in total hyaluronate content in diseased joints reflects the higher synthesis of this polysaccharide by the synovial cell in pathology1. The intrinsic viscosity of these fluids (as a parameter of the mean hyaluronate molecular weight) however is decreased2–3. In view of the pH required for acid hydrolase activity we have some difficulties in accepting this lowering in hyaluronate molecular weight as a consequence of any extracellular acid hydrolase activity. In this way a disturbed synthesis seems more plausible and the overproduction of a less polymerized hyaluronate can be seen as a loss of quality control by the synovial cell under inflammatory stress4.


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  • G. Verbruggen
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  • E. M. Veys
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  • F. P. Luyten
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  • S. Suykens
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