Characterization of 125I-Trp11-Neurotensin Binding to Rat Fundus Smooth Muscle Plasma Membranes

  • P. Kitabgi
  • C.-Y. Kwan
  • J. E. T. Fox


The brain-gastrointestinal tridecapeptide neurotensin (NT) has been shown to affect the contractility of a variety of gastrointestinal smooth muscle preparations in vitro [1]. In particular, it has been reported that NT contracts rat fundus smooth muscle strips [2]. Rharmacological experiments and structure activity studies have suggested that this effect was myogenic in nature and involved an interaction of NT with specific smooth muscle receptors [3]. In the present paper we provide direct evidence for the existence of such receptors from radioligand binding studies using 125I-Trp11-NT as the labelled ligand and highly purified rat fundus smooth muscle plasma membranes at the source of NT receptors.


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  • P. Kitabgi
  • C.-Y. Kwan
  • J. E. T. Fox

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