Disorganisation of the Interdigestive Small Bowel Motility by E. coli Endotoxin in the Rat

  • S. Gustavsson
  • B. Rönnberg
  • E. Ståhle
  • T. Wadström


There is a growing awareness that enteropathogenic bacteria can mediate intestinal dysfunction not only via effects on secretion but also by affecting intestinal motility. Thus, in the rabbit ileal loop model, a number of bacteria and bacterial toxins — Vibrio cholerae cholera toxin, enteroinvasive E.coli heat-stable (ST) E.coli enterotoxin etc — are known to produce alterations in the myoelectric pattern (1–3).


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  • S. Gustavsson
  • B. Rönnberg
  • E. Ståhle
  • T. Wadström

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