The Micro-Social Framework and its Time: The Manifestations of Sociability

  • Georges Gurvitch
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Manifestations of sociability are the many ways of being bound to the whole and within the whole. This is the micro-social scale of total social phenomena. Most of the different levels of social reality and the social time belonging to these levels can be actualized in manifestations of sociability since they are also total social phenomena. This includes not only the most spontaneous levels of mental states, acts, ideas, values, innovating behavior, attitudes and aspired social roles, but also the less spontaneous levels of patterns, rules, practices and finally of the ecological base. Micro-social elements, because of their infinite flexibility, embody in their incessant fluctuations the most uncertain aspects of social time manifestations and of the rather unseizable passages between them.


Erratic Time Interpersonal Relation Depth Level Global Society Cyclical Time 
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