Some Pulmonary Lesions of Calves and Their Significance

  • H. M. Pirie
Part of the Current Topics in Veterinary Medicine book series (CTVM, volume 3)


Although the traditional systems for classifying pulmonary lesions in calves have been useful, they should be reviewed taking into consideration new information about the cell populations that exist in the lungs and current concepts of inflammation.

Amidst the profusion of changes that can be seen in the lungs of calves with pulmonary disease, some can be recognised as landmarks. These may be helpful in assessing the disease process and may be used for classification purposes. The following identifiable lesions are described and their usefulness reviewed
  1. 1)

    cuffing pneumonia

  2. 2)

    viral pneumonia associated with inclusion bodies

  3. 3)

    exudative interstitial or fibrinous pneumonia

  4. 4)

    exudative pneumonia with or without suppuration

  5. 5)

    atypical interstitial pneumonia or the respiratory distress syndrome

  6. 6)

    fungal granulomas

  7. 7)

    plasma cell bronchitis and bronchiolitis

  8. 8)

    bronchiolitis obliterans

  9. 9)


  10. 10)

    interstitial eymphysema and

  11. 11)

    pulmonary oedema.



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  • H. M. Pirie
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  1. 1.Department of Veterinary PathologyUniversity of Glasgow Veterinary SchoolBearsden, GlasgowScotland

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