Prospective Studies of Crime and Delinquency

Volume 2 of the series Longitudinal Research in the Behavioral, Social and Medical Sciences pp 225-236

Criminal History of the Male Psychopath: Some Preliminary Data

  • Robert D. Hare
  • , Jeffrey W. Jutai

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This is a brief report on the first stage of a longitudinal study of criminal psychopathy. The data to be presented are the criminal records of several hundred predominantly white, male criminals who took part in at least one of our psychophysiological studies from 1964 to 1974. The records were obtained from the RCMP Fingerprint Service (FPS) files, which contained a listing of charges, convictions, and dispositions from the time of first appearance in adult court until December 31, 1975. A later report will describe the criminal histories of around 500 male criminals from their first appearance in adult court until 1982.