Marchwood Project — 30 Kilowatts Marchwood Power Station Site

  • R. D. W. Scott
Part of the Solar Energy R&D in the European Community book series (SRDC, volume 4)


BP Solar is about to construct a solar generation plant with a peak output of 30kW on the CEGB Marchwood Power Station site. The power output is to be integrated into the Marchwood site distribution system either to supplement the power taken from the grid network or to support individual, isolated, selected loads. Experience gained from this demonstration project will assist in the design of future rural electrification and grid linked solar generators. The system design includes a number of novel concepts. The highly redundant modules are to be mounted on a newly designed low cost structure of an easily assembled design incorporating a simple interwiring system. The DC controls facilitate four modes of operation with any combination of battery connected, grid connected and autonomous generation. The inversion sub-system is designed to accommodate these modes at a high overall through-put efficiency. Finally the monitor will provide a comprehensive range of data for instantaneous display and subsequent data analysis.


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