The Jarrah Forest pp 281-314

Part of the Geobotany book series (GEOB, volume 13)

Land use conflicts and the emergence of multiple land use

  • J. J. Havel


The sources utilized in the compilation of this chapter fall into two distinct categories. For the early period between the two world wars, the sources are almost entirely historical accounts written about the different forms of land use in the jarrah forest during this period. These include the description of the timber industry by Robertson (1956), Mills (1986), Troutman & Troutman (1980) and Gabbedy (1981), of forestry by Forests Department (1969) and Underwood & Christensen (1981), of National Parks by Jenkins (1980) and of water supplies by Hunt (n.d.), Hunt (1980), Hillman (1981), Sadler & Williams (1981), and Cooper (1979).


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