Experience Gained with a Soil-Decontamination System in Berlin

  • H.-D. Sonnen
  • S. Klingebiel


What is being presented is an extractive soil-decontamination system developed in Berlin, the HARBAUER PB 2, which has been working on the contaminated grounds of Pintsch-Öl GmbH (in liquidation) since the summer of 1987 and has already cleaned more than 11,000 tons of contaminated soil at various locations. The experience and knowledge gained with the operation of this system are described, the state of the art explained and future perspectives outlined.


Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Ground Water Harmful Substance Clayish Silt Total Cyanide 
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  2. Woltmann, M Die Sanierung des Pintsch-Geländes, “Sanierung kontaminierter Standorte 1985”, FGU-Seminar, Wiesbaden 1985.Google Scholar

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  • H.-D. Sonnen
  • S. Klingebiel

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