Phenomenological Method: Theory and Practice

Volume 1 of the series Contributions to Phenomenology pp 87-101

The Order of Transcendental Phenomenological Inquiry that Wills to Return to the “Things Themselves”

  • Fred KerstenAffiliated withUniversity of Wisconsin-Green Bay

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The preceding chapters have sought to identify the various transcendental phenomenological refrainings from those positings in which the naturalness of my mental life consists so that, step by step, there are uncovered the layers of actional and passive oriented constituting of the real, objective world and of my real, objective mental living in the world. Even though a diversity of Husserl’s texts were consulted as a guide for establishing the phenomenological discriminations and their correlative reductive unbuildings (and, correspondingly, by implication the various stages of reductive building-up to be elaborated in the second part of this book), the basic literary expression and philosophic touchstone has remained the definition of transcendental phenomenology expressed in the Introduction to the three books that comprise the uncompleted Ideas Pertaining to a Purely Descriptive, Eidetic Transcen-dentally Pure or Transcendental Phenomenology and to a Transcendental Phenomenological Philosophy.