Cereal grain proteins

  • P. R. Shewry


Cereal seed proteins were among the earliest of all proteins to be studied, with Beccari (1745) reporting the isolation of wheat gluten. Subsequently Einhof (1805, 1806) reported the first isolation of barley and rye storage proteins, but it was the pioneering work of T.B. Osborne that placed the study of cereal proteins, and other proteins of plant origin, on a systematic basis. In a series of detailed studies reported between about 1880 and 1920 (see Osborne, 1924) he classified proteins into groups on the basis of their extraction and solubility in a series of solvents: water (albumins), dilute aqueous salts (globulins), alcohol/ water mixtures (prolamins) and dilute acids or alkalis (glutelins). This has provided a framework for the modern study of cereal seed proteins and, indeed, for the classification of proteins in general.


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