Experiments on Tree Canopy Deposition of SO2 and Resulting Leaching Effects

  • G. Seufert


From 1983–1988 an experiment was running at the University of Hohenheim to investigate the long term effects of low level exposure with O3, SO2 and simulated acid rain, single and in combination, on spruce-, fir- and beech seedlings in modelecosystems. Systems consisting of open-top chambers built upon lysimeters were protected against the intrusion of ambient rain and dust. During the 5 year duration of the experiment definite effects on mineral cycling were observed. Most noticeable are throughfall enrichment with sulphate through dry deposition of SO2 as influenced by duration of needle-wetting and factors promoting SO2-oxidation. Depending on sulphur deposition leaching of calcium, magnesium, manganese, zink and ammonia from needles was elevated, in totol leading to an enhanced acid input to the soil.


Simulated Acid Rain Mineral Cycling Beech Seedling Leach Effect Sulphate Enrichment 
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