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Positron Emission Tomography in Partial Epilepsy

  • Bernard Sadzot
  • René M. C. Debets
  • Eric Salmon
  • Cornelius W. M. van Veelen
  • Guy Delfiore
  • Alexander C. van Huffelen
  • George Franck
Part of the Developments in Nuclear Medicine book series (DNUM, volume 28)


Uncontrolled partial epilepsy is an important medical problem. It can be surgically treated if the site of seizure onset, the epileptic focus, can be delimited and removed. Up to recently, accurate identification of the epileptogenic area relied solely upon sophisticated and time-consuming extra- and intracranial EEG recording techniques, even though EEG occasionnally may fail in providing the localization of the focus due to the rapid propagation of the electrical discharges.


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  • Bernard Sadzot
  • René M. C. Debets
  • Eric Salmon
  • Cornelius W. M. van Veelen
  • Guy Delfiore
  • Alexander C. van Huffelen
  • George Franck

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