Crustal Evolution and Deformation in a Non-Plate-Tectonic Archaean Earth: Comparisons with Venus

  • Lyal B HarrisEmail author
  • Jean H Bédard
Part of the Modern Approaches in Solid Earth Sciences book series (MASE, volume 7)


Evidence for modern plate tectonics in the Archaean is equivocal to absent, and alternative environments for formation and deformation of greenstone sequences are summarized. We focus on proposals for an unstable stagnant lid basaltic plateau crust, with cratonization occurring initially above major mantle plumes. Archaean continental drift initiated as a result of mantle traction forces acting on newly-formed subcontinental mantle keels, with further cratonic growth occurring as a result of terrane accretion to the leading edges of the migrating cratonic nuclei.

Venus is presented as an analogue for a non-plate-tectonic Archaean Earth. Despite the absence of evidence for characteristic plate tectonic environments on Venus (i.e. subduction = trenches and volcanic arcs; seafloor-spreading = volcanic ridges and transforms), the form, scale, and geometry of folds, brittle-ductile shear zones, and faults interpreted on the surface of Venus from radar imagery are comparable to mid-upper crustal structures on Earth. Anastomosing rifts link coronae interpreted to form above upwelling mantle plumes. The Lakshmi Planum highland plateau in the western Ishtar Terra region of Venus lacks extensive, regional-scale internal deformation structures, but a fold-thrust belt produced mountains on its northern margin, folds and sinistral strike-slip faults occur on its NW margin, and both regional dextral and sinistral strike slip belts occur in a zone of lateral escape to its NE. Rift zones are present along the southern margin to Lakshmi Planum. The scale and kinematics of structures in western Ishtar Terra closely resemble those of the Indian-Asia collision zone, and we propose that lateral displacement of some coronae and ‘craton-like’ highlands or plana result from mantle tractions at their base in a stagnant lid convection regime, i.e. a similar regime as interpreted to have preceded development of plate tectonics on Earth.

In the Wawa-Abitibi Subprovince of the Superior Craton in Canada, the formation of granite greenstone sequences in a plume-related volcanic plateau and subsequent deformation can be generated through geodynamic processes similar to those on Venus without having to invoke modern-style plate tectonics. 3D S-wave seismic tomographic images of the Superior Province reveal a symmetrical rift in the sub-continental lithospheric mantle (SCLM) beneath the Wawa-Abitibi Subprovince, with no evidence for ‘fossil’ subduction zones. Major gold deposits and kimberlites are located above rift-bounding faults in the SCLM. Early rift structures localized subsequent deformation and hydrothermal fluid flow during N-S shortening and lateral escape ahead of a southwardly moving indenter (the Northern Superior Craton—Hudson’s Bay terrane) in the ca. 2696 Ma Shebandowanian orogeny. The geometry of reverse and strike-slip shear zones in the Abitibi Subprovince of the SE Superior Province is similar to that of shear zones developed in western Ishtar Terra, Venus, which also formed ahead of a rigid indenter whose displacement is attributed to mantle tractions. Similarly, shortening and rift inversion in the Abitibi is ascribed to cratonic mobilism where displacement of the N Superior Province ‘proto-craton’ resulted from mantle flow acting upon its deep lithospheric keel. Deformation in other Archaean cratons previously interpreted in terms of plate tectonics may also be the result of similar, mantle-driven processes.


Archaean tectonics Mantle plumes Crustal evolution Mantle flow Cratonic mobilism Venus Ishtar Terra Lakshmi Planum Superior Craton Abitibi Aeromagnetics Gravity Seismic tomography 



NASA Venus radar imagery was provided by the U.S. Geological Survey Astrogeology Science Center and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology. Stéphanie Godey is thanked for making available online her seismic tomographic database for North America. Geophysical data were processed using Geosoft’s Oasis Montaj™ software and software developed and kindly provided by Pierre Keating (GSC), who also provided the detailed GSC aeromagnetic grid for the central Québec Abitibi enhanced by LH. Our ideas for the Abitibi benefited from previous studies (too numerous to cite all) and discussions with colleagues, notably Phil Thurston, who is also thanked for providing the Abitibi geological map, François Leclerc, Patrick Lengyel, and Sandrine Cadéron (who sadly passed away before publishing her research on Archaean tectonics adjacent to the Grenville Front). Initial gravity interpretations in the central Abitibi were undertaken by Noémie Fayol. LH acknowledges NSERC for funding of early stages of this research through a Discovery Grant, Laurentian Goldfields for funding initial research in the SE Superior Craton and NW Grenville Province, and the CFI, MELS-Québec, INRS-ETE, and Sun Microsystems for funding computing facilities and software used for processing of geophysical data. Yildirim Dilek, Benoît Dubé, Michel Jébrak, and Jean Goutier are thanked for their comments on an earlier draft. This is NRCAN/ESS/GSC contribution number 20120436.


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