The Twentieth Chapter

  • Gretchen E. Minton
Part of the Studies in Early Modern Religious Tradition, Culture and Society book series (SERR, volume 6)


The last enterprise of Satan, the common adversary of man, doth this chapter following declare, fetching an original from the beginning of Christ’s spiritual kingdom, to conclude with the whole for our necessary instruction as a brief rehearsal of all that is in a manner spoken afore was this unto John (lest he should of obliviousness forget, as man’s nature is forgetful, these wonderful mysteries and singular premonishments of that Lord most expedient to be known of his church) that she might by them see aforehand the wily crafts of the Devil and his members, and to beware of them; besides that to take courage, patiently to suffer their cruel persecutions—for a thing oft rehearsed departeth not so soon the memory as that is but once told, which caused this evangelist not only here in this place, but also in his gospel and first epistle, oft to repeat the sayings, lest he should seem faintly to pass them over, and because the reader should the more earnestly mark them.


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