The Branes: Three Viewpoints

  • Pietro Giuseppe Frè


This chapter deals with the brane/bulk dualism. The first section contains a conceptual outline where the three sided view of branes as 1) classical solitonic solutions of the bulk theory, 2) world volume gauge-theories described by suitable world-volume actions endowed with κ-supersymmetry and 3) boundary states in the superconformal field theory description of superstring vacua is spelled out. Next a New First Order Formalism, invented by the author of this book at the beginning of the XXI century and allowing for an elegant and compact construction of κ-supersymmetric Born-Infeld type world-volume actions on arbitrary supergravity backgrounds is described. It is subsequently applied to the case of the D3-brane, both as an illustration and for the its intrinsic relevance in the gauge/gravity correspondence. The last sections of the chapter are devoted to the presentations of branes as classical solitonic solutions of the bulk theory. General features of the solutions in terms of harmonic functions are presented including also a short review of domain walls and some sketchy description of the Randall-Sundrun mechanism.


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