Natural and Artificial Proteins Containing Cadmium

  • Anna F. A. PeacockEmail author
  • Vincent L. PecoraroEmail author
Part of the Metal Ions in Life Sciences book series (MILS, volume 11)


This chapter describes an approach using designed proteins to understand the structure, spectroscopy, and dynamics of proteins that bind Cd(II). We will show that three-stranded coiled coils (3SCCs) based on the parent peptides TRI (Ac-G(LKALEEK)4G-NH2) or GRAND (Ac-G(LKALEEK)5G-NH2) have been essential for understanding how Cd(II) binds to thiolate-rich environments in proteins. Examples are given correlating physical properties such as the binding constants or deprotonation constants relating to structure. We present a scale that relates 113Cd NMR chemical shifts to structures extracted from 111mCd PAC experiments. In addition, we describe motional processes that help transport from the helical interface of proteins into the hydrophobic interior of helical bundles. These studies help clarify the chemistry of Cd(II) in relation to metal-regulated gene expression and detoxification.


coiled coil de novo design peptide protein thiol 

Abbreviations and Definitions


For the definition of the peptides see Table 1.




aminolevulinic acid dehydratase


aspartic acid


circular dichroism




extended X-ray absorption fine structure


glutamic acid












ligand-to-metal charge-transfer




nuclear Overhauser effect specroscpy


perturbed angular correlation


Protein Data Bank




nuclear magnetic resonance


three-stranded coiled coil







A.F.A.P. thanks the University of Birmingham and V.L.P. thanks the University of Michigan and the National Institute of Health for support of this research (R01 ES0 12236).


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