Probabilities, Laws, and Structures

Volume 3 of the series The Philosophy of Science in a European Perspective pp 169-181


Structural Invariants, Structural Kinds, Structural Laws

  • Holger LyreAffiliated withPhilosophy Department, University of Magdeburg Email author 

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The paper has three parts. In the first part ExtOSR, an extended version of Ontic Structural Realism, will be introduced. ExtOSR considers structural properties as ontological primitives, where structural properties are understood as comprising both relational and structurally derived intrinsic properties or structure invariants. It is argued that ExtOSR is best suited to accommodate gauge symmetry invariants and zero value properties. In the second part, ExtOSR will be given a Humean shape by considering structures as categorical and global. It will be laid out how such structures serve to reconstruct non-essential structural kinds and laws. In the third part Humean structural realism will be defended against the threat of quidditism.