Resilient Cities pp 451-463

Cooling the Public Realm: Climate-Resilient Urban Design

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DOI: 10.1007/978-94-007-0785-6_45

Part of the Local Sustainability book series (LOCAL, volume 1)
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Raven J. (2011) Cooling the Public Realm: Climate-Resilient Urban Design. In: Otto-Zimmermann K. (eds) Resilient Cities. Local Sustainability, vol 1. Springer, Dordrecht


As communities strive to meet the challenges of changing global conditions, urbanists are called upon to shape built environments that can adapt and thrive in the changing global conditions, can meet carbon-reduction goals, and can sustain urban populations in more compact settings by providing amenities that people need and want. This paper explores urban design strategies to strengthen urban resilience through a systemic, interconnected public realm to achieve reduced energy loads, cleaner air and enhanced civic life.


Architecture Planning Resilient Sustainability Urban design 

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