Evaluation of Satellite Rainfall Estimates and Gridded Gauge Products over the Upper Blue Nile Region


A relatively dense station network over the Ethiopian highlands is used to evaluate the accuracy of some satellite rainfall estimates and gridded raingauge products. The satellite rainfall estimates evaluated are GPCP, CMAP, RFE, TRMM-3B42, and CMORPH. These products are evaluated at monthly, ten-daily, and daily accumulations and spatial resolutions of 2.5°, 1°, 0.5° and 0.25° lat/long. The two gridded raingauge analyses evaluated are from the Global Precipitation Climatology Centre and University of East Anglia. These monthly products were evaluated at spatial resolutions of 2.5°, 1°, and 0.5°. While satellite rainfall estimates at monthly and ten-daily time scale showed good agreements with the reference raingauge data, results for daily accumulations were not as good. However, the daily products performed reasonably well in detecting the occurrence of rainfall. Very good agreements were observed between the gridded raingauge analyses and the reference raingauge data.


Satellite Rainfall estimation Gridded products 


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