Glacier Inventory: A Case in Semiarid Chile

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Glaciers are the most important water reservoirs found in the Andes. While the scientific community has conducted more extensive glaciological studies in southern Chile, it is only recently that attention has been focused on northern Chile. In the Chilean “Norte Chico” region, where glaciation is restricted to the highest summits, the sparse glacier network provides the majority of water to down-stream users during dry years. Here the economy is based on mining and agriculture, both of which depend on an intensive and reliable water source. Given the importance of glaciers to supply this water, it is surprising that few detailed glaciological studies have been conducted in this region. Just as the glaciers recede to higher summits, making water availability less reliable, the economic activity in this region is increasing; thus, glacier inventory is needed to aid Chilean policy makers in the decision making process. This chapter examines how remotely sensed imagery (ASTER and aerial photos) is being used to develop baseline glacier data in Norte Chico and to provide policy makers with scientific data for decision making. Finally, the chapter shows how GIS technology can integrate remote sensing processing results into a georeferenced database with a broader range of users than the raw data.


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Special thanks to N Hoalst Pullen, MW Patterson and S MacDonell for their invaluable comments on earlier drafts of this manuscript.


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