Phenomenology of Surprise

Lévinas and Merleau-Ponty in the Light of Hans Jonas
  • Natalie DeprazEmail author
Part of the Contributions To Phenomenology book series (CTPH, volume 62)


In an article that in my opinion constitutes an hapax on the contemporary horizon of phenomenology, Françoise Dastur raises this question: “[…] is the very idea of a phenomenology of surprise conceivable without absurdity?” Extending the project sketched by Dastur – “to discover the foundation of the phenomenology of surprise in [the] philosophies [of Husserl and Heidegger]” – I would like to undertake here an examination of the contributions of Merleau-Ponty and E. Levinas in light of the work initiated by Hans Jonas on the living being’s experience of time, a line of investigation opened up in terms of the notions of risk and uncertainty.


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