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Experimental Research: Studying Variables to Examine Causal Effects in Terms of Mitigating Against the Potential of Racism

  • Norma RommEmail author


In this Chapter I discuss in detail a number of experiments that I have chosen as examples of research examining causal connections between variables (phenomena that can vary) that the researchers present as contributing to our understanding of possibilities for mitigating against the exclusionary practices associated with (new) racism. They suggest that the experimental research designed to look into the hypothesized causal influence of certain variables that they isolate for attention offers a basis for increasing our understanding of what may be effective routes to circumvent/mitigate against social exclusion. That is, they conceive the research as providing a basis for making practical recommendations for interventive action in society in view of the scientific results as they define their social significance. As I discuss the research, I point to how the experiments that were conducted can be revisited, and at the same time I offer suggestions for how they, as with other experimental research, could be redesigned.


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