Learning Through Teaching Mathematics pp 111-125

Part of the Mathematics Teacher Education book series (MTEN, volume 5)

Dialogical Education and Learning Mathematics Online from Teachers



In this chapter we intend to show how we learned mathematics in the process of teaching teachers online how to use geometry software in face-to-face classrooms. We emphasize that we need to be open to risks and being pushed beyond our “comfort zone” if we want to use information and communication technology. In particular, we emphasize that the risk is greater once the decision has been made to adopt an interactive-dialogical approach for an online course, but that once the virtual community has become dialogical, the risks diminish. We suggest that one can grow accustomed to the risk and feel more comfortable with it. Before presenting one example about conics, we present our theoretical perspective regarding the use of information and communication technology based on the theoretical construct humans-with-media. We discuss our understanding of dialogical teaching education and the context of the online course. We then show how the problem-solving dynamic we set up for the course led one of the teacher/students to pose a problem that initially none of the participants knew how to solve – a situation that lead to mathematics learning on the part of everyone, including the teachers of the course.

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