A WALE-Similarity Mixed Model for Large-Eddy Simulation of Wall Bounded Compressible Turbulent Flows

Conference paper
Part of the ERCOFTAC Series book series (ERCO, volume 13)


Wall-jet interaction is studied with Large Eddy Simulation (LES) in which a mixed similarity Sub-Grid Scale (SGS) closure is combined with the Wall-Adapting Local Eddy-viscosity (WALE) model for the eddy-viscosity term. Reduced macrotemperature and macropressure are introduced to deduce a weakly compressible form of the mixed similarity model and the relevant formulation for the energy equation is deduced accordingly. LES prediction capabilities are assessed by comparing flow statistical properties against experiment of an unconfined impinging round-jet at Reynolds number of 23,000 and 70,000.


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  1. 1.INSA-Rouen, UMR-CNRS-6614-CORIA, Campus du MadrilletSaint Etienne du Rouvray CedexFrance

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