Coherent Control for Molecular Ultrafast Spectroscopy

  • Tiago Buckup
  • Marcus Motzkus
  • Jürgen Hauer
Part of the NATO Science for Peace and Security Series B: Physics and Biophysics book series (NAPSB)

Quantum control spectroscopy (QCS) is a powerful modern experimental concept to disentangle complex dynamics in molecular quantum systems and combines coherent control methods with time-resolved optical spectroscopy. By manipulating the photo-induced reaction pathway with specifically tailored excitation light fields, it offers a new spectroscopic degree of freedom in addition to classic spectral and temporal coordinates. Particularly interesting in QCS is the excitation with well-defined pulse sequences which will be shown on two examples. In a first series of experiments the comparison of excitations with one or two pulses allows to unravel the complex energy flow network in all-">">trans-β-carotene and its homologs. In a second experiment, we go a step further and use multipulse excitation via phase shaping in a prototype dye molecule to analyze the role of electronic coherence time for population and vibrational coherence enhancement.


Coherent control open-loop control pulse shaping carotenoids 


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  • Marcus Motzkus
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  • Jürgen Hauer
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