Guadeloupe Earthquake, Antilles, 1843


Figure 112 is a copy of a French leaflet informing about the eruption of the Soufrière volcano accompanied by a volcanic earthquake in the Guadeloupe Island, on February 8, 1843. The leaflet was printed in the French town Mets in 1843. Carefully engraved composition shows the landscape of the event; on the right, we see a volcano belching flame and smoke from its three craters. The stricken town of Point à Pitre, located below the volcano, is beleaguered by several fires. In the central part of the illustration, the locals are fleeing on their vessels to the safety of calm sea waters. It should be noted that the volcanic eruption, no matter how strong it was, did not generate any tsunami waves. On the left, the panic-stricken inhabitants are watching the destruction of their town from safe distance. The bottom part of the leaflet is reserved for the verbal description of the event.


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