Medical Education

  • Howard Brody
  • Zahra Meghani
  • Kimberley Greenwald
Part of the Philosophy and Medicine book series (PHME, volume 105)

It is now universally admitted by all our medical institutions connected with education, that those intended for the study of the healing art should receive a good general and classical education. The professors of all our universities and medical schools, the examiners of all our colleges and apothecaries' societies, delivered their evidence in proof of this point, before Mr. Warburton's Parliamentary Committee on Medical Education and Practice, in the summer of 1834. All the witnesses proved that a knowledge of the Greek, Latin, English, French, German, and Italian languages; of mathematics, logic, moral philosophy, natural history and philosophy; in fine, that the course of general education required by the universities for degrees in arts, is indispensably necessary to those intended for the medical profession. This extensive course of preliminary instruction has long been required by the universities of all candidates for admission into the learned professions; and is now exacted by most of the colleges of surgeons, and societies of apothecaries, of those intended for the practice of medicine. No class of men stand in so much need of extensive erudition and knowledge. They may attend all ranks of society from the lowest to the highest, and ought to be exceedingly well-informed in general as well as in medical literature.


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