Advances in Electrical Engineering and Computational Science

Volume 39 of the series Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering pp 471-482

Detecting Session Boundaries to Personalize Search Using a Conceptual User Context

  • Mariam DaoudAffiliated withIRIT, University of Paul Sabatier
  • , Mohand BoughanemAffiliated withIRIT, University of Paul Sabatier
  • , Lynda Tamine-LechaniAffiliated withIRIT, University of Paul Sabatier

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Most popular Web search engines are carachterized by “one size fits all” approaches. Involved retrieval models are based on the query-document matching without considering the user context, interests ang goals during the search. Personalized Web search tackles this problem by considering the user interests in the search process. In this chapter, we present a personalized search approach which adresses two key challenges. The first one is to model a conceptual user context across related queries using a session boundary detection. The second one is to personalize the search results using the user context. Our experimental evaluation was carried out using the TREC collection and shows that our approach is effective.


Personalized search Session Boundaries Conceptual User Context search engine