Facts or Fiction? A Critique on Vision Assessment as a Tool for Technology Assessment

  • Nicole C. Karafyllis


This essay questions the concept of vision assessment as an appropriate tool for technology assessment on methodological, anthropological and ethical levels, and shows its epistemic neighbourhood to the scenario-techniques. In general, the central idea of a “future technology” is critically analyzed, backed with central examples drawn from nanotechnology, human doping techniques, and social neuroscience. Main concepts that are used for critique are (a) feasibility and desirability, (b) discourse and debate, and (c) vision and utopia. In addition, the essay reflects on the new genre of pop science, a mixture of science and popular writing on which the concept of vision assessment heavily depends.


Vision assessment Pop science Social neuroscience Doping Nanotechnology Technology assessment Utopia Imagination Desirability Discourse 


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  • Nicole C. Karafyllis
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  1. 1.College of Humanities and Social SciencesUnited Arab Emirates UniversityAl Ain (Abu Dhabi)United Arab Emirates

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