Robotic Liver Resection

  • Ki-Hun KimEmail author
  • Gi-Hong Choi


Robotic surgical systems offer an alternative to laparoscopic liver resection for minimally invasive liver resections. Well-trained surgeons can perform both major and minor liver resections through the robotic approach. Although little data regarding robotic liver resection have been reported, robotic liver resection appears to be similar to laparoscopic liver resection in terms of operative time, estimated blood loss, hospital stay, and time to resumption of normal diet. However, robotic liver resection is more expensive than laparoscopic resection. Robotic liver resection may become more popular for minimally invasive liver surgery if upgraded robotic surgical systems can be developed that are smaller, cost less, have good tactile feedback, and incorporate various hepatic parenchymal transection tools such as CUSA and LigaSure.


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