Open Hepatic Transection Using Microwave Tissue Coagulation

  • Sohei SatoiEmail author
  • Hiroaki Kitade
  • Yoichi Matsui
  • A-Hon Kwon


In surgical treatment of liver tumors, it is important to consider the balance between the liver volume to be resected and the liver functional reserve. The technique of microwave tissue coagulation (MTC) has been applied clinically for transection of hepatic parenchyma with or without underlying liver cirrhosis. Use of MTC has been reported to reduce blood loss and to enable nonanatomical liver resection, even in patients with poor liver functional reserve. This type of hepatic transection is easy to perform and does not require special surgical techniques. In this chapter, we describe the MTC device, surgical indications, and surgical technique, illustrated with photographs and video on the use of MTC for open hepatic transection.


Hepatic transection  Microwave tissue coagulation  Surgical technique  Nonanatomical liver resection  

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  • Hiroaki Kitade
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  • Yoichi Matsui
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  • A-Hon Kwon
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