Intraoperative Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomography: Technology, Applications, and Future Perspectives

  • Lyubomyr LytvynchukEmail author
  • Carl Glittenberg
  • Susanne Binder


The implementation of spectral domain OCT diagnostic technique into the intraoperative process (iSD-OCT) has drastically improved our understanding of the behavior of ocular tissue during surgical intervention. Being fully integrated into the surgical microscope, iOCT systems allow the surgeon to perform iSD-OCT-guided eye surgery without any interruption of workflow. This chapter reveals the historical aspects of iSD-OCT development, specifics of its exploitation, technical characteristics, as well as its application for use in ophthalmic microsurgery. Multiple ongoing studies are going to determine the feasibility of iSD-OCT in everyday use for certain surgical procedures in the future.


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