A Compact Design of Modified E-shaped Ground Plane Patch Antenna for Broadband Applications

  • Sanjay SharmaEmail author
  • Sanyog Rawat
Conference paper


A compact design of modified E-shaped antenna with wideband characteristics has been designed for high-speed WLAN and other wireless communication systems covering the operating frequency ranging from 3.295 to 5.655 GHz. Two parallel slots are incorporated into the patch of a microstrip antenna to expand its bandwidth. The length of the intermediary wing can be clipped and the length of the lower arm can be modified to tune the frequency of the resonant mode. Extensive study of E-shaped antenna has been carried out to improve the radiation performance of the proposed geometry. Low dielectric constant substrate is chosen to achieve a small-size radiating structure that meets higher bandwidth. Simulation is performed on CST software.


Microstrip antenna E-shaped Wideband Radiating patch 


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