OCDs in Balanced Treatment Incomplete Block Design Set-Up

  • Premadhis DasEmail author
  • Ganesh Dutta
  • Nripes Kumar Mandal
  • Bikas Kumar Sinha


In this chapter, optimum covariate designs (OCDs) have been considered for the set-up of the balanced treatment incomplete block (BTIB) designs, which form an important class of test-control designs. It is seen that the OCDs depend much on the methods of construction of the basic BTIB designs. The presentation in this chapter closely follows the work of Dutta, Das, J Stat Plan Inference 143:1203–1214, 2013, Dutta and Das (2013) who considered the problem of construction of OCDs on the series of BTIB designs mainly described in Bechhofer, Tamhane, Technometrics 23:45–57, 1981, Bechhofer and Tamhane (1981) and Das, Dey, Kageyama, Sinha, Australas J Combinatorics 32:243–252, 2005, Das et al. (2005).


Balanced treatment incomplete block designs (BTIBDs) Test-control designs BIBDs GDDs Generator designs Resolvable designs 


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