Power Optimization of Refrigerator by Efficient Variable Compressor Speed Controlled Driver

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Nowadays, refrigerator is an important domestic electrical device, but at the time of load shading or when the electricity is not available at that time, because of some drawbacks, we cannot operate this device on any inverter. The main reason why refrigerator does not work on inverter is because of switching. Since the pressurized compressor of refrigerator get continuously switched between ON and OFF, in order to maintain the temperature, it draws more current because of blocked rotor induction motor, and as switching occurs frequently, compressor requires minimum 3 min to start again for proper working in refrigerator. All these things have severe effect on the system such as nonlinear behavior of the device, and also, power quality gets deteriorated which needs to be controlled at any cost and requires some practical measures on this field, and the project’s theme mainly works in this area and provides a solution to this problems. The project includes an idea and provides a design of a driver circuit which operates the compressor of refrigerator with minimum frequency and voltage at minimum temperature. Using this driver, the compressor of a refrigerator can be operated using solar panel photovoltaic cell (P-V Cell) operated inverter. The various advantages of this project are that the driver circuit eliminates the difficulty in operation of compressor while continuous ON–OFF switching of power supply across it. Instead of continuous ON–OFF switching, the driver circuit controls the temperature by gradually varying the speed of single phase induction motor.


Refrigerator Compressor Inverter Switching Harmonics 


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  2. 2.Electrical Engineering (E&P)Rajiv Gandhi College of Engineering Research and Technology (RCERT)ChandrapurIndia

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