Human-Harmonized Information Technology, Volume 1

pp 137-167


Haptic Media: Construction and Utilization of Haptic Virtual Reality and Haptic Telexistence

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This project aims to construct an information environment that is based on our proposed theory of haptic primary colors and is both visible and tangible. This environment will be one where communication in real space, human interfaces, and media processing are integrated. We have succeeded in transmitting fine haptic sensations, such as material texture and temperature, from an avatar robot’s fingers to a human user’s fingers by using a telexistence anthropomorphic robot dubbed TELESAR V. Other results of this research project include RePro3D, a full-parallax, autostereoscopic 3D (three-dimensional) display; TECHTILE Toolkit, a prototyping tool for the design and improvement of haptic media; and HaptoMIRAGE, a \(180^\circ \)-field-of-view autostereoscopic 3D display that up to three users can enjoy at the same time.


3D Autostereoscopy Haptics Haptic primary colors Haptic editors Virtual reality VR Augmented reality AR Retroreflective projection technology RPT Virtual shutter glasses Teleconference Videoconference Teleoperation Telepresence Telexistence TECHTILE Toolkit RePro3D TELESAR HaptoMIRAGE