On Curvature Estimates of Bounded Domains

  • Liyou ZhangEmail author
Conference paper
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We consider the Bergman curvatures estimate for bounded domains in terms of the squeezing function. As applications, we give the asymptotic boundary behaviors of the curvatures near strictly pseudoconvex boundary points, using a recent result given by Fornaess and Wold.


Bergman curvature Squeezing function Intrinsic derivative 



The author is grateful to the organizers of the 10\(^{\text {th}}\) Korean Conference on Several Complex Variables, especially Prof. K.-T. Kim and Prof. N. Shcherbina, for their kind invitation. He would also like to thank Prof. Q.-K. Lu for many invaluable communications on this topic. Project partially supported by NSFC (No. 11371025, 11371257).


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