Adjustable Fuzzy Inference for Adaptive Grid Resource Negotiation



Grids are dynamic, with the resource availability fluctuating over time, and at different rates at each instant. To obtain the resources for tasks execution, each client may negotiate with a resource allocator. If demand on resources is higher than their availability, resources can be exhausted. Therefore, a client needs to anticipate the resource availability in future, but its accurate estimation may not be possible because of the lack or inaccessibility of this information. However, through observing the information conveyed by the resource allocator in negotiation, a client can make estimates as to the speed and direction of the change in availability. In this paper, we describe an adaptive negotiation strategy that allows a client to adjust its tactics to the tendency in resource availability changes during negotiation through a fuzzy control mechanism. Results show that our negotiation strategy can allow a client to successfully obtain more resources.


Evaluation function Fuzzy adaptation Grid resource dynamism Outcome prediction Uncertainty interval 

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