Progress of Coastal Line Rehabilitation After the Indian Ocean Tsunami Around Banda Aceh Coasts

  • SyamsidikEmail author
  • Adhitya Iskandar
  • Teuku Muhammad Rasyif
Part of the Disaster Risk Reduction book series (DRR)


Coastal recovery at tsunami affected areas is another challenging work for practitioners. Pressures from demand to acquire ample and suitable land to restart economy activities and from harmonizing nature with the development are among the reasons why the coastal recovery may enter into complicated decision process. This chapter elaborates lessons learned from coastal recovery process around Banda Aceh to restore coastal lines around this area after severely damaged by the Indian Ocean Tsunami waves in 2004. A time series of maps to show the coastal morphological dynamics around Banda Aceh was used to compare the coastal features between 2004 and 2011 conditions. Other similar studies focusing on the coastal recovery around this area were also included to strengthen the lessons of the coastal recovery process orchestrated after the tsunami. Four coastal locations around Banda Aceh were selected to show the different approaches used to recover the coasts and impacts on the area after the efforts.


Coastal features Coastal morphology Hard structures Sediment transport 


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