Mechanobiology of Endothelial Cells Related to the Formation of Arterial Disease

  • Noriyuki KataokaEmail author


Atherosclerosis is a serious disease that causes cardiovascular diseases such as cerebral infarction and myocardial infarction. Endothelial cell injury is the first step in atherogenesis by inducing increase in the production of chemoattractant proteins and adhesion molecules to leukocytes (Ross, Nature 362 (6423): 801–809, 1993). One of the key events in atherogenesis is the recruitment of blood leukocytes, especially monocytes, to proatherogenic vascular regions (Swirski et al, J Clin Invest 117:195–205, 2007; Tacke et al, J Clin Invest 117:185–194, 2007) and their subsequent transmigration across endothelial cells. Interactions between leukocytes and endothelial cells involve multi-step processes including rolling, adhesion, locomotion, and transmigration. Therefore, mechanics and dynamics of endothelial cells and monocytes are important matters to understand the whole process of atherogenesis. Here, we show and discuss the mechanobiology of endothelial cells related to the formation of arterial disease.


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