Radiofrequency Thermocoagulation of Hip Articular Branches (X-ray Fluoroscopy-Guided)

  • Hisashi DateEmail author


This method uses radiofrequency thermocoagulation through percutaneous puncture of the sensory nerve branches supplying the hip joint to relieve prolonged hip pain. Up until the 1940s, surgical resection was performed. Currently, however, a simple and minimally invasive procedure using a high-frequency generator is common. In Japan, Okada’s technique is serving as a useful reference (Okada, K. Pain Res 8: 125–135, 1993).


Obturator nerve articular branches Femoral nerve articular branches Superior gluteal nerve articular branches Sciatic nerve articular branches 


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    Okada K. New approach to the pain of the hip joint. Pain Res. 1993;8:125–35. (in Japanese).CrossRefGoogle Scholar

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