How Can NRA Contribute to the Improvement of IT Security?

  • Rytis Rainys


The survey aiming to identify the main problems of the Internet security in Lithuania demonstrated that almost 80% of home users and enterprises and 100% of ISPs1 faced computer viruses and spam. Despite the fact that a number of safeguarding tools against security incidents were used, 27% of home users, 25% of enterprises and even 68% of ISPs suffered damage from security incidents. In this situation, NRA2, as a national regulator, should take its role in the execution of CERT3 functions mostly in the ISP area, reducing negative impact of security incidents and enhancing legal and standardization measures. On the other hand, informing is even more important and is implemented through consumer awareness rising projects. Cooperation with non-governmental institutions may give excellent results in achieving those goals if private sector is involved in the process. Lithuanian NRA’s key to success is to work by drawing on the principles of private and public partnership.


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