The Exostent Concept for the Marfan Syndrome

  • John R. PepperEmail author
  • On behalf of the PEARS Group of surgeons: Conal Austin, Mario Petrou, Filip Riga, and Ulrich Rosendhal, Tom Treasure
  • Conal Austin
  • Mario Petrou
  • Filip Riga
  • Ulrich Rosendhal
  • Jan Pirkf
  • Tom Treasure


The aortic disease that has attracted most attention is Marfan syndrome. Without treatment there is a bleak outlook for young people and hence the interest in prophylactic surgery. Alternative to aortic replacement surgery, the concept of personalised external aortic root support (PEARS) with macroporous, knitted, vascular graft evolved recently. In this chapter we discuss our experience with PEARS.


Marfan Aneurysm Dissection Exostent Prevention Valve-sparing root replacement External aortic root support MESH Sinotubular junction 


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  • On behalf of the PEARS Group of surgeons: Conal Austin, Mario Petrou, Filip Riga, and Ulrich Rosendhal, Tom Treasure
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