Diagnosis of hepatitis D virus infection

  • Edouard Kurstak


The diagnosis of hepatitis D virus infection or delta hepatitis is often difficult and the serological assay commercially available and in use is the radio-immunoassay for anti-HDV. Anti-HDV detected by immunoassay, however, frequently appears late in the disease and is transient and, as such, any accurate diagnosis entails the testing of paired serum specimens from the acute phase as well as convalescence. Testing for IgM to hepatitis B core antigen, the serological marker of acute hepatitis B, provides a method for distinguishing a coinfection from superinfection in cases of acute hepatitis D. A correct etiologic diagnosis can however be only made by testing acute phase sera for all the available markers of HDV. In fact, it has been suggested that the best cost-effective procedure may be to test any patient with HBV markers at presentation for anti-HD, 30–40 days after the onset of symptoms (Salassa et al., 1991).


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