Rob | Arch 2012 pp 214-221

Automating Eclipsis

Automated robotic fabrication of custom optimized metal façade systems
  • Nathan King
  • Jonathan Grinham
Conference paper

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-7091-1465-0_25

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King N., Grinham J. (2013) Automating Eclipsis. In: Brell-Çokcan S., Braumann J. (eds) Rob | Arch 2012. Springer, Vienna


Stemming from ongoing research into modular automation strategies and in conjunction with the development of Virginia Tech’s Lumenhaus this research explores the potential for the robotic fabrication of a novel, complex, high-performance metal shading system. The Eclipsis facade system utilizes innovative circular geometry in the form of laser-cut holes to produce a series of folded tabs at calculated degrees to create a specialized yet customizable highperformance facade system. The system’s algorithmic logic is designed for customization taking into account varying degrees of privacy, spatial condition and local environmental performance criteria including daylighting and ventilation. The logic of each semi-perforation is simple and controlled by parameters defined only by dimension, location, rotation, and the angle of the folded tab. Complexity emerges in the part-towhole relationship where the aggregation of instantiated parametric geometry provides regulated infinite-variation of tab size and rotation thus eliminating the possibility of any standardized fabrication method or industrial process. This paper presents a design- driven approach that merges Computer Aided Design and Robotic Manufacturing through the implementation of an “Integrated Environmental Design-to-Robotic Fabrication Workflow” and explores a prototypical comparison between manual and automated- robotic fabrication strategies for commercialization (Bechthold 2010).


robotic folding automated workflow metal façade optimization 


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  • Nathan King
  • Jonathan Grinham

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