Plasmodium vivax Malaria in Latin America

  • Alfonso J. Rodriguez-MoralesEmail author
  • Adrián Bolívar-Mejía
  • Camila Alarcón-Olave
  • Lauren S. Calvo-Betancourt
Part of the Neglected Tropical Diseases book series (NTD)


Morbidity and mortality burden of malaria, particularly in children, represents a public health threat also in those countries from regions such as South East Asia and Latin America with moderate-to-low levels of transmission. Malaria mortality in these areas has been mainly attributed to P. falciparum, but its direct and indirect burden has not been well defined. These patterns are increasingly causing concern in some countries. Although P. falciparum is justifiably regarded as a greater menace because of its high mortality, widespread antimalarial drug resistance and its dominance in Africa, malaria due to P. vivax has also placed significant burdens on health, longevity and general prosperity of large sections of the human population. The debilitating impact of P. vivax malaria remains high, unacceptable and preventable for well over one billion inhabitants of the planet. Complicated and even fatal cases of malaria due to P. vivax have been increasingly reported in the medical literature. In Latin America, the burden of mortality due to malaria, although decreasing, is still significant. Powerful antimalarial campaigns in the region directed mainly to P. falciparum achieved a significant reduction of mortality in the last century. Evidence suggests that P. vivax can impose a significant burden of mortality that may have resulted from its interaction with other diseases and conditions, although this is largely neglected, compared to P. falciparum. These and other epidemiological issues are herein discussed, focusing in Latin America.


Plasmodium vivax Plasmodium falciparum Latin America Caribbean Malaria Severe malaria 


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